Welcome to my first ever blog (Yikes!)

So what to expect from Joanna?! This is going to be a lifestyle blog, so if you’re really super nosey like me you can enjoy looking into my life and hearing my (sometimes ridiculous) opinions on lots of things; current affairs, fashion and so on and so forth. Im also super excited to do some fun tags! And I’ll be bringing in a few different people very close to me – by that I mean dragging my little sister in kicking and screaming.

If you are a petite lady like myself you can also expect lots of hints and tips on what I like to wear to flatter a smaller frame as opposed to looking like a child drowning in ‘big person’ clothes. Also expect lots more make up, films, books and TV series reviews.

I’m a very snap happy person so there will be lots of photos a long the way to keep the internet up to date with what I am up to.

So a little about me… I am 22 and have just finished my undergraduate in psychology and sociology I will be graduating this summer with a 2:1, happy days! I am now working full time in Norwich.

Norwich born and bred, I love it here. I am a middle child, which according the psychologists means I am a peacemaker, very laid back, creative and a bit of a loner.. which I can’t argue with. I am an auntie to two little bundles of fun whom I am very close to, so without taking it to baby and child photo extreme, there will be pictures here and there popping up of them as they are two very very important people in my life.

If you have any suggestions please help me out, comment or contact me in anyway! Tweet me, Facebook me or email me at, I would love to have some suggestions and help form you lovely people to get my blogging creative juices flowing.

Much love,

Joanna x

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