Bake Off Baked Alaska #bingate controversy

As I am sure even if you don’t watch the Great British bake off you are aware something went down this week… something bad… something really bad. Diana removed Iain’s Ice cream for his baked Alaska out the freezer (despite there being enough space) and left it sat on her bench on the hottest day of the year, causing it to melt (no shit). I know right? this will go down in history. Incase you’ve been living under a rock here is what we are talking about




So what do i make of it? I must admit, I was furious straight after the show aired, I was even one of those 811 nobs that complained to the BBC. The BBC edited in such a way the only thing your mind could comprehend was that the Ice Cream had been left out enough time to completely ruin it, which is a lot longer than the 40 second claim they keep banging on about. So yes, myself and a handful of other people I know, jumped on the justice for Iain bandwagon, I mean come on, who wouldn’t throw a massive tantrum if they thought someone had deliberately sabotaged their precious baked Alaska? and for someone who should understand forgiveness more than anyone is that arrogant Paul Hollywood after his affair with his half his age American co host. So on principle Iain definitely should not of gone home. But rest assured baker fans, by the sounds of it Diana has had a fall and will not be returning to the show (convenient for the BBC hey?) and I am 95 per cent sure Iain will make an appearance again.

Do I regret complaining.. no. Because even if their ’40 second claim’ was true, they need to work on their editing skills and sack the person who has caused poor Diana all this grief, Is it really necessary to have her face on the front of The Sun newspaper calling her a witch? and by the looks of the papers the abuse is shifting from Diana to the BBC for what they have done to this lady. I get it, I do, their editing has got their programme in every British newspaper, plastered all over social media and has people talking about the bake off who knew nothing about it before… it worked, but to the people bullying an elderly lady who has not been given the chance to tell her rendition of the story, lay off, after all it is just TV and if thats not enough, your playing into exactly what the BBC want, exploiting Diana, all the women wanted to do was bake in that glorious tent. Perhaps it’s the naivety in me, but i can’t believe Diana did it on purpose. 

Incase like me you missed the show stopper challenge because you were too busy discussing the controversy you’d just witnessed before your very eyes. Here is what a baked Alaska out of the bin looks like. 





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Joanna x

Psychology fun facts

As I’ve mentioned previously I am now a Psychology graduate, and i thought a good idea would be to share with you the TOP TEN little theories, models, and research which I found  not only super interesting to look at but also found so helpful when I applied them to by own life.

So here it goes, if there is anything else you would like me to expand on I have a feeling psychology related posts may become a predominate feature on my blog so Just ask, I’d love to ramble on some more about psychology *nerd alert*


10.  The spot light effect. Now I LOVED looking into this, in basic terms it means we believe people are paying more attention to us than they are. It is the idea that we are the centre of our consciousness, so we find it near impossible to comprehend that we aren’t at the centre of everyone else’s consciousness. So basically, no one actually cares if you fluff up because everyone around you is too busy worrying about what they are doing. woo!


9. Memory loss occurs following on from an emotionally traumatic event. This is our brains way of defending itself from having to relive the emotions. Pretty clever huh? So don’t feel bad if you can’t emotionally relive traumatic times or even the time leading up to and following few days after it, it’s our brains way of telling us it’s probably for the best.

8. More of a biological fact but we had to do a lot of biology on the course I took – As you probably know we are constantly shedding and reproducing cells and in 7 years from the time you read this you will not have a single cell you have now. So in technical terms in 7 years time you’ll be a new person!

7. Research shows birth order does effect the person you become! So when your mum yells at you for being ‘too laid back’ tell her it is her fault for having you second.


6. Extraverts are less internally confident than introverts. So BIG UP TO THE INTROVERTS.

introverts5. We become.. to some extent a combination of the 5 people we spend the most time with, SO CHOOSE THOSE PEOPLE CAREFULLY! Whether we know it or not, you will imitate mannerisms, change the way you speak and present yourselves dependant on the people you have been spending time with.

4. Eye contact! So eye contact is such a good habit to get into, not only does it give someone more of an incentive to listen to what you are actually saying to them but it also increases your confidence in the situation!… in fact the only time I would advice avoiding eye contact is definitely while eating a banana.

3. In some cases there is no rhyme nor reason as to why some people recover from traumatic brain injury and some don’t. It’s debated it’s down to the type of person you were before the injury took place.

2. Excessive use of social media creates lower self esteem in an individual. It makes sense though doesn’t it? The more we read about other people the more we compare ourselves and the more we compare ourselves to other people the lower our self esteem. After completing a piece of research on this in my second year ever since I’ve made a conscious effort to spend as little time on Facebook and such likes as possible.


1. And finally it’s now been absolutely drilled into me the positive and negative effects of taking anti-depressant drugs to combat depression, stress and anxiety. Do not get me wrong I am not saying they are a bad thing, I am saying they are not a long term solution though. All these drugs do are stop the symptoms, they stop the shaking or loss of appetite, sleeping pills help you sleep but they do not touch on any of the actually causes of these health problems.  To tackle them you need to change something other than adding taking a pill to your daily routine.


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Joanna x