Bake Off Baked Alaska #bingate controversy

As I am sure even if you don’t watch the Great British bake off you are aware something went down this week… something bad… something really bad. Diana removed Iain’s Ice cream for his baked Alaska out the freezer (despite there being enough space) and left it sat on her bench on the hottest day of the year, causing it to melt (no shit). I know right? this will go down in history. Incase you’ve been living under a rock here is what we are talking about




So what do i make of it? I must admit, I was furious straight after the show aired, I was even one of those 811 nobs that complained to the BBC. The BBC edited in such a way the only thing your mind could comprehend was that the Ice Cream had been left out enough time to completely ruin it, which is a lot longer than the 40 second claim they keep banging on about. So yes, myself and a handful of other people I know, jumped on the justice for Iain bandwagon, I mean come on, who wouldn’t throw a massive tantrum if they thought someone had deliberately sabotaged their precious baked Alaska? and for someone who should understand forgiveness more than anyone is that arrogant Paul Hollywood after his affair with his half his age American co host. So on principle Iain definitely should not of gone home. But rest assured baker fans, by the sounds of it Diana has had a fall and will not be returning to the show (convenient for the BBC hey?) and I am 95 per cent sure Iain will make an appearance again.

Do I regret complaining.. no. Because even if their ’40 second claim’ was true, they need to work on their editing skills and sack the person who has caused poor Diana all this grief, Is it really necessary to have her face on the front of The Sun newspaper calling her a witch? and by the looks of the papers the abuse is shifting from Diana to the BBC for what they have done to this lady. I get it, I do, their editing has got their programme in every British newspaper, plastered all over social media and has people talking about the bake off who knew nothing about it before… it worked, but to the people bullying an elderly lady who has not been given the chance to tell her rendition of the story, lay off, after all it is just TV and if thats not enough, your playing into exactly what the BBC want, exploiting Diana, all the women wanted to do was bake in that glorious tent. Perhaps it’s the naivety in me, but i can’t believe Diana did it on purpose. 

Incase like me you missed the show stopper challenge because you were too busy discussing the controversy you’d just witnessed before your very eyes. Here is what a baked Alaska out of the bin looks like. 





Much Love,


Joanna x

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