Benefit they’re Real Eyeliner – review


Eyeliner is one of the trickiest products in our make-up bags, not only the application of the stuff! but finding the right product for you is a nightmare. Gel, felt tip, liquid?! argh. And unfortunately after being promised the world with this product … I am still searching for my perfect match.



This was the first problem I found with the product but like all make-up something someone else might be an ace at applying beautifully. The nib is flexible silicone and angled.. apparently for ease of application. But I just found it impossible to apply without it bending and giving me a thick line. Which would be fine on a more dramatic make up look but for everyday I always go for a thin discrete line.  The way you get the product out of the pen is also something i struggled to understand what benefit were thinking when in the design process. It’s all or nothing with the product, one twist is nothing, two twists and too much of the product is dispersed. Maybe i got a dodgy pen… but i am not willing to spend another £18.50 to test my theory.


Staying power 

The staying power of this product is INSANE! Im still trying to scrub the swatches off… it might be time to call the brillo pad in. On a night out this is exactly what any women wants or needs from her eye liner, but for everyday, I would never apply this again. Unless you purchase the Benefit … this product does not budge. It got to the point I thought I had it all off and would wake up in the morning and have to have another session at trying to budge it! Now some would see this as a positive thing… for me rather like being able to take my make-up off quickly and nothing having to spend £15 on a specific make up remover just to take one product off.



The product is SUPER thick and difficult to thin out using the silicone nib. It’s waterproof which gives it its helping hand in staying power and it is very good for giving a bold eye but again, not my every day kind of look. It is a matte look liner and I must hand it to benefit, they’ve given us a liner which leaves no gaps or transparency.

As you can probably guess, I will not be repurchasing this product. For some who love bold eyes may love it, but I’m afraid Benefit they’re real ‘push up’ eyeliner is not for me.

Much love,

Joanna xx

12 thoughts on “Benefit they’re Real Eyeliner – review

  1. I am so glad that someone else found this product hard to apply and use!! Everyone else seemed to like it, but I didn’t get the memo! It’s always too thick, and the rubber application tip is just so bendy and hard to use! Also, when I twist it and too much product comes out, it breaks off when I try to use it! I tried to give mine three different chances, but gave up!

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  2. The eyeliner definitely isn’t anywhere close to being as good as the they’re real mascara. The mascara is so good! Yes I read about the new mascara, looking forward to trying and reviewing that 🙂 x


  3. So happy I found your review, I was scared to pay an important amount of money and be disappointed. From what you’re saying, it’s only good for partying all night long with a thick line… So I’d be more on you’re side and NOT go for it for an everyday look 😉 Once you find the right eye liner, I’m in for the tip!

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  4. I had really high hopes for this eyeliner & had the exact same issues with it when I tried it myself! A shame really, especially for the price. I have heard the mascara is amazing though! x

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  5. I was on the search for a great eyeliner pen until i discovered the eyeliner brush and gel liner. Perfect lines and cat eye every time. I recommend the Makeup forever Fine liner brush. Thank you so much for following me and I look forward to your future posts. I have so many sweepstakes and coupon to post.

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    • I usually pull my skin taut start from just inside the putter corner top lash and sweep put in one steady clean sweep. Although this eyeliner does not make this process easy. It’s far too thick, I would recommend a liquid eyeliner for winged. X


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