Oil pulling – ten day trial

I first heard about oil pulling when reading around the benefits of coconut oil, you know, that product that is everywhere these days!

I’ve recently become more aware of staining on the backs of my teeth and so was willing to try anything, and if the reviews I was reading were true this ancient practice was going to have all kinds of positive side effects. Including; overall improved oral health, whiter teeth and fresher breath. The oil can be any oil but I knew for a fact I the only one I could bare swirling around in my mouth for 20 minutes would be coconut oil as in my opinions is the best tasting oil out there.

The process…


This is the oil I used, mainly because it was refined (which means no nasty extras! and all natural) it was also on offer in Tesco and with coconut being a pricy product I was all for saving some pennies. This is a 283ml jar and it was reduced to £5. I have had a look online and can’t seem to find it any cheaper ANYWHERE.

I’ve read in some places this process is best done on an empty stomach and others deny it makes a difference but for arguments sake I would do it on an empty stomach. Usually as soon as I got home from work, so having not eaten since lunch time.


Spoon one healthy sized table spoon of the oil into a small Pyrex glass. You will not need anymore than this as over the 20 minutes of swirling around the oil will double in size in your mouth. Pop the glass in the microwave and heat just enough to melt the oil until it has returned to its liquid form. Only 20-30 seconds is necessary and you do not want to overheat it because you will be swirling it around in your mouth straight after.


So this is the least glamorous part of oil pulling. I tried to do it when no one else was around so no one would try and talk to me or make me laugh! It is just a case at the point of sitting their with the TV on and just swirling it around your mouth, making sure you force it through the gaps in your teeth and just keeping it on the move for 20 minutes. You won’t want to be too forceful as 20 minutes is longer than you think and your jaw will start to ache.

Once the twenty minutes is up don’t put the oil down the drain! it is only going to clog it, so I pour it back into the glass, wait for it to set again and put it in the bin. I then floss like crazy, brush my teeth and rinse with water. You wont be able to feel the oil on your teeth after this you might just have a lingering taste of coconut, which isn’t such a bad thing! I then try and leave it as long as I can before eating. Drinking water (which is all I am drinking at the moment anyway) is absolutely fine.

The Review…

Overall yes I have noticed a small difference after just ten days, the stains and plaque on the back of my teeth are slowly but surely disappearing. My teeth are not sensitive like they can be after using unnatural teeth whitening products. However, my biggest issue was with the price. This is a very pricey method of oral healthcare and with having to do a session of pulling everyday to notice a difference it will not be something I keep up. I intend on buying one more jar (mainly because it is still on offer in Tesco!), using that up and then look at cheaper home remedies for whiter and healthier teeth. Not just the price but the process is a lot to think about, which regards to having to time your meals and think about when you can eat. It just really does not suit my lifestyle.

If you have any oil pulling stories please let me know, there are so many mixed reviews out there! it is really is a try it for yourself and see if it works for you process by looking around at everyone else’s experiences.


Joanna x

14 thoughts on “Oil pulling – ten day trial

  1. This was really interesting to read! I hate the taste of coconut water (even though I love the actual fruit) so I couldn’t help but cringe at the thought of it in your mouth for that long! I’m glad it’s helped and wasn’t for nothing! Do you think you’ll continue this long-term?? xx

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    • Not long term but it’s definitely given me a good head start in shifting some stubborn stains and plaque. It’s too pricey and time consuming in my opinion for a long term fix!
      And like you I can’t stand coconut water unless it’s in a smoothie or something but I had no problems with the taste of this, it’s obviously helps you don’t have to swallow it too! Xx

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  2. Not heard of this idea. Does sound rather a tedious way of doing things. Is there a best cheap way of whitening teeth???? Interesting notion though.

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    • My next move is going to be putting baking soda in with my toothpaste morning and night. Much much cheaper and no more time consuming that brushing my teeth. I will do a review with how effective it is in comparison to oil pulling though. Wish me luck! Xx


  3. Coconut oil is a miracle oil alright! I have never tried this but one of my sisters swear by it! I have heard good results with baking soda as a natural teeth whitener. Thanks for taking a look at my blog (most of my recipes have coconut oil in them) Cheers

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  4. Hello, I’ve read about oil puling, its supposed to be really good for your whole body, not just making your teeth whiter! If you want to buy a cheaper coconut oil, ocado do one for £5.89 for 610ml jar. I’ve never attempted oil pulling as I can barely breathe out of my nose so doubt I could do it for more than a minute lol. 🙂

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  5. what an interesting blog you have, and what an interesting person you must be ! Keep all those thoughts going around in your head and never slow down. It’s a spinning wheel that suddenly stops in your life and you will know all you need to know, then it will start all over. Ha Try everything, and do everything ( no drugs) and help people all you can. I use coconut oil for all my soaps and many things and it is wonderful. Glad you visited my site. Have a great day

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  6. Enjoyed reading your review! I tried it for a few days but then got distracted. We have a Costco that sells coconut oil for a pretty good price, so we use it in all kinds of things : toothpaste, deodorant, cooking. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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  7. I only managed to get through one day of oil pulling before I gave up because it was just so time consuming. And I did it when I first woke up! I definitely want to try it again though.

    I’m also interested to hear how the baking soda trick works for you!

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    • It really is so time consuming I agree. And long term I just do not think it is practical. I have just started the baking soda trick so will post about it after a week or so. Thanks for coming to my blog 🙂 x


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