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Here is my face IMG_0007

I’m Joanna a 4ft 10” 22 year old psychology and sociology graduate currently working in Norwich. I blog  lifestyle, beauty and a little bit of everything else. If you ever have any requests please feel free to get in contact, I love speaking to you all. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet!

Much Love,

Joanna xxx

Find me:

Find me:
Twitter https://twitter.com/JoannaEvee
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_lxnOxTFPkiQfzad5lynJA/videos

11 thoughts on “About

  1. 4ft 10′ of lovely country bumpkinish then 😛 greetings from a fellow brit 🙂 (brummie) & i’m glad you liked my poem today. not my normal thoughts, but hey! 😛 big smiles on its way to the fens! 🙂 x

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  2. Hi Joanna 🙂

    I love your posts 🙂 I only got to the second one and was so pleased you had wrote about something I’d been thinking of buying for a while!

    I’ve hit the follow button, feel free to do so one mine, it seems we have similar taste 🙂

    Sherry x

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