The worst brow product award goes to…

Sorry Barry M but for once I will not be singing your praises.

After running out of my sleek pencil (this has been reviewed a while ago on my blog)  I thought I would change it up a little and try another brow product. I nipped into a small Boots and their range wasn’t massive so I came out with this little thing…


(The Barry M Brow Pen in ‘Dark Brown’ not the daffodil) Packaging wise, yes this is really it. It looks just like a white board marker doesn’t it. And that it pretty much the consistency of the product to. As you can see the nib is a felt tip pen and although I knew that was what I would be working with on my brows I was not prepared for it drying up every few strokes. So there I was one eye brow done and desperately trying to wet the nib so I could at least finish my eyebrows. After this battle had commenced and I had won (Just!) my brows were left looking very ‘drawn on’ and although this is an effect I know some love, this just really does not suit my face and it is not a look I enjoy sporting. IMG_6620

The nib ment it was really difficult to do fine strokes to mimic hair and really all I could do with it was literally colour in my brows. What was worse was although I didn’t like the product I kept it on for the day just to see the lasting power it had. 3 hours in and I noticed the pen was starting to run and the skin round my brows was starting to become tinged brown. Needless to say I was not a happy bunny. You can see on the swatch below even after a few seconds on the skin the product had started to run.


This product went straight in the bin and that is where it will be staying. Sorry Barry M!

Much love,

Joanna x

Barry M Gelly

Wow wow wow just wow, where do I begin? 


image (2)


image (1)


The colour range was what first caught my eye, the dark colours for the winter and then the pastels in the summer (Unfortunately I only have pictures of my most recent colours for summer), but there just isn’t an occasion this range doesn’t cater for. Granted, I have never been one for spending a lot on nail varnishes so I can not compare to the higher price range varnishes like Chanel and YSL. But I have used a lot of Rimmiel, Bourjois, MaxFactor and L’oreal varnishes before and their lasting abilities do not even come close. I can paint my nails on a sunday night for work and forget about them until the following Sunday!

I am currently using the Barry M base coat and then it takes me two coats of the varnish to make it look flawless and then I apply a top coat, although honestly I think this might be habit, the hi shine they leave doesn’t actually require a top coat at all.

So I promise, this range is definitely worth a shot, they often have 3 for 2 offers on in Boots and Superdrug so keep your eyes peeled!

cimage (3)


Colours in order of appearance – Rose Hip, Blueberry, Prickly Pair and Sugar Apple.